Pagan HalloweenPagan Halloween

Pagan Halloween

Dublin, Ireland

“And now, we need a volunteer for the HUMAN SACRIFICE...”

Cillian always takes Halloween a wee bit far.

But he’s in the right place for it, this little hill in Athboy is known as the birthplace of Halloween.

Tlachtga was a Celtic sacred ground where druids celebrated solstices and the day of the dead.

At Samhain (the ancient word for Halloween) the gap between our world and the afterlife would close, meaning spirits could move about at will. Tlachtga was the best spot to get in touch with some ghosts and ask them what the craic is with heaven.

Childless women would sacrifice their slaves' children in the belief that the spirit of the child would enter their body and be reborn as their own child. Uhmmmm, right.

These days, there’s more bonfires and naked dancing, and less of the spooky child murder.

Get there at 5pm to see the flame parade from the Fair Green in Athboy, Co. Meath to the top of the ancient Hill of Tlachtga. Stay through the night for the chance to see someone accidentally singe their sack.

Athboy is an hour’s drive from Dublin.