Helsinki Booze Ferry

Helsinki Booze Ferry

Helsinki, Finland

There’s loads of reasons for people to go on a day trip to from Helsinki to Tallinn. There’s Tallinn’s fairytale architecture, the underground art scene and the eternal love for Eurovision.

But the REAL reason Finns <3 Tallinn is that the booze there is really, really cheap 🤑 Unlike Finland, where alcohol is taxed to buggery, Estonia’s booze rules are lax AF. WAYOO!

Here’s LuckyTrip’s guide to Europe’s booziest ferry service.

Step 1. Hop on the boat from Helsinki Port at 8am with the Finnish locals.

Step 2. Immediately head to the ferry bar and get a round of duty-free drinks in, just for yourself.

Step 3. Head to the ferry dancefloor for a boozy dance off.

Step 4. Arrive in Tallinn and sample the local delights - craft beer, Viru Valge vodka and 50% proof Vana Tallinn. Top tip: the Estonian for cheers is ‘Terviseks’.

Step 5. Stock up on alcohol from an Estonian supermarket. Warning: you might have to justify the amount you bring back is for personal use, so don’t go too cray.

Step 6. Almost miss your ferry back, but make it just in the nick of time. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until the scene looks like a cross between Titanic and Withnail & I.

Step 7. Wobble off the ferry and back to Helsinki.

The fast Helsinki-Tallinn ferry takes 2 hours, the slow one is 3.5 hours. A day trip costs around €14.