Bologna takes on RomeBologna takes on Rome


Bologna, Italy

Rome is king of Italian culture, food, and marble cocks... it’s the big bad capital city.

But that also means swarms of greasy tourists.

Imagine a place where you could gorge on classical art and stuff your face with Mama’s tortellini, without the queues and restaurant reservations. Say Bonjourno to Bologna…

PASTA - Step aside Rome, Bologna is the food capital of Italy. Spaghetti Bolognaise geddit? The national dish is actually served with tagliatelle (see above) - try it at Drogheria della Rosa.

Danny Devito goes here, say no more.

MARKETS - If you’re after traditional meat and cheeses you’ve got Quadrilatero. Or head to Montagnola market for vintage clothes. There’s old film cameras and antique furniture here too.

Best bit? You don’t have to fight with 1000 other people to get your deal (a la Rome).

SEX - The ancient Romans were mad for it… but they were even hornier in Bologna.

The city’s brothels were open for business til the 1950s (yikes). Explore the streets around Via Delle Oche with a local guide. Or just check out the tits in the water fountain (prude).

Bologna’s not just food porn and old prozzie hangouts, it’s also a leftie counter-culture hub. You’ll find the world’s oldest university, terracotta walls covered in street art and dog-eared bookshops hiding in ancient marketplaces. Beat that Rome.