Europe’s Top 3 Beer Baths Europe’s Top 3 Beer Baths


“We treat your body from inside and outside”

Beer enema anyone?

You can unclench. They mean drink down a cold one while soaking in a malty hot one - beer inception 🍻

In this part of the world there’s simply too much beer to drink, slur hello to Europe’s top 3 Beer Baths….

The First Karlovy Vary Beer Spa

Prague, Czech Republic

If you’re going to drown somewhere…

Karlovy Vary is the best of the Czech Republic’s many beer spas. Sip on local Krušovice beer as you soak in a giant oak tub full of malty, hoppy goodness. It won’t take long before you’re drunk on… GLOWING SKIN.

Yep all those beery minerals will leave your skin softer than a 14 year old’s downy tash. Dry off on the straw beds by the fireplace with a loaf of homemade beer bread.

Thermal Beer Spa

Budapest, Hungary

“The no.1 hangover cure”

There’s something counter-intuitive about a hangover cure that involves a couple of kegs of beer… Happy to believe them though.

Thermal Beer Spa is Budapest’s only pub that insists you take off your clothes. Pull yourself cold pints from the taps of a 36 degree, steaming beer bath.

Starkenberger Beer Pools

Salzburg, Austria

Who’d bother with a beer bath when beer SWIMMING POOLS exist (they used to be massive fermentation vats).

You’ll find them in the cellar of Tirol’s Starkenberger Castle. The beer is said to heal all sorts of skin problems and open wounds - keep that in mind before you drink from the pool…

Instead try pints of the freshly brewed Starkenberger bier.