Eating Paris


Paris, France

“Paris… not really all that for food and wine though is it?”

… said literally no one ever.

But in a city with the most Michelin stars outside of Japan (those lads are killing it, to be fair) how the hell are you supposed to choose where to chow down?

Expensive: Septime/Clamato

In most fancy restaurants, you spend a lot of time worrying when the Poverty-Klaxon will sound and you’ll be out on your ear.

The good thing about 35th-best-restaurant-in-the-world Septime is, it feels a bit like a hipster brunch cafe. The restaurant is minimalist, with friendly tattooed waiters and a menu you can understand.

Head Chef Bertrand Grébaut focuses on seasonal, sustainable produce cooked in simple but surprising ways.

Even better, if Septime is booked-up (which it usually is) its seafood sister-restaurant has a no-reservation policy. Clamato is just as tasty (with equally attracti- erm, knowledgeable waiters), and it’s right next door

Average spend 💸
Septime: €130
Clamato: €55

Wine? 🍷
LOL, yes. Ask your waiter, but the orange wines are exciting.

Shout out for 🍤
At Septime, it’s the lobster with wild strawberries.
Get the Coquilles Saint Jacques (scallops) at Clamato.

Sold! Where is it? 👍
80 Rue de Charonne.

Cheapo: Urfa Dürüm

A kebab probably isn’t what you picture when you conjure up Parisian cuisine. But after a gobful of Urfa Dürüm’s lamb, it will be.

This not your average dirty doner - this is lamb seared and served up traditional Kurdish sandwich style.

They don’t fuck about with chips or mayo, they just do ‘lahmacun’ (a mince meat wrap) or the Kurdish sandwich ‘dürüm’ with steak, chicken or lamb.

They do something magical to the lamb that looks a lot like searing it with a hairdryer. Whatever, it tastes amazing.

Pull up a teeny stool and settle down to the best kebab Paris has to offer.

Average spend 💸

Wine? 🍷
They’ll do you a beer.

Shout out for 🌯
Lamb dürüm, YASS.

Sold! Where is it? 👍
58 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis


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