Frozen... in Real Life


“Hey! Do me a favour and grab my butt!”...

Olaf is everyone’s favourite animated snowman, but he’d be hella problematic in the office ⛄

Troll kings, marshmallow monsters, and orphaned kids… Frozen is the snowy fairytale hit that ruined your Christmas in 2013, and every year since 🎄

We are not ready to LET IT GO. The second installment hits screens November 22nd.

This is Frozen… in Real Life…


Arendal, Norway

SPOILERS! Coming atcha like sludgy snowballs. Look away if you haven’t seen the film and don’t want the complex, intricate narrative plot spoilt…

Disney had a task on their hands turning Hans Christian Andersen’s dark tale, The Snow Queen, into something that wouldn’t give the kids nightmares 👻

They started by ripping off the whole of Norway. Arendelle Castle is where Anna and Elsa live 🏰 The name is based on Arendal in Norway but the scenery has been nicked from Nærøyfjord - also in Norway.

Scramble up mountains and frolic in the fjords like an animated reindeer called Sven.

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Hotel de Glace

Quebec, Canada

Gwaan Elsa, knocking back the mini G&Ts at the ice bar…

Her palace might’ve been based on The Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, but Elsa didn’t get any of the perks 😒 Head to the hotel for an ice slide and steamy outdoor sauna.

Frozen director, Chris Buck, stayed here for ‘research’... bet he researched the shit out of the spa 💅

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The Knight’s Leap

Tessanden, Norway

Elsa accidentally injures Anna, so their parents take them to a troll colony to wipe Anna’s memory… Parenting 101.

The Valley of the Living Rock is where the friendly troll fam lives. Its real life doppelganger is called The Knights Leap ⚔

There’s a deep ravine with gnarled tree trunks clinging to the edges and snow sprinkled mountains in the distance - proper fairytale vibes ✨

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