3 Belgian Hot Chocolates


Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is the Casanova of chocolate.

Dark, milky, white… Rich, creamy, thick… You want it - they’ve got it every way you like it 😏

This is 3 Belgian Hot Chocolates that’ll make your mouth do an orgasm.

1. Frédéric Blondeel

This master chocolatier roasts his own cocoa beans in shop - you’d have to go to the Amazon to get a fresher hot choc.

Seriously rich, this cup of pure gluttonous joy is for the experienced chocolate fiend.

He’s also a famous praline maker, using unusual herbs and spices to make bizarrely-unique sweets. You’ve come a long way from your Dairy Milk Mint Crisp.

2. L’Ultime Atome

You’ve seen it on Chef’s Table, you’ve read about it in foodie lifestyle magazines - it’s the deconstructed food trend

Yep it’s got a bit of stick lately - but no one can deny the beauty in a jar of chocolate drops, a ramekin of fresh cream and a glass of steaming hot milk. L’Ultime Atome owns the deconstructed hot chocolate.

They also do a seriously fruity brunch platter to take the edge off all that choc.

3. Neuhaus

Deep in Brussels’ Galeries Royales, you’ll find a chocolate shop that’s unlike any chocolate shop that came before it…

*insert mystical music*

Neuhaus started off as a pharmacy that covered its medicines in chocolate to make them taste better (dangerous little game).

Over time, people were coming back for the chocolate over the meds and so a chocolate shop was born. Inventor of pralines and world famous distributor - you can bet your last rotting tooth that the hot chocolate here is bang on.

Expect a teapot filled with the world’s finest melted chocolate. Get. In. My. Belly.

Fill me up with chocolatey goodness

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