£20 in... Bucharest

£20 in... Bucharest

, Romania

Bucharest is the lost property of Europe - a Dracula/Soviet mish-mash of cultures, architectures and tastes.

Ex-Soviet cities are usually cheap (cheers, Stalin!), but just how far will £20 stretch here?

There’s more free culture than you can shake a stray dog at. Check out Princely Court to see the ruins of real-life Dracula’s house.

If experimental art’s your bag, try CAV Multimedia for gender questioning performance art, or Revolution Square for post-war installations.

Eating anywhere here is chicken shop cheap (80p giant pretzels and £2 wine, hello!). But you could choose to spaff your whole £20 on a slap-up feast.

Traditional restaurant Caru' cu Bere does a mean mici (the EU banned national “delicacy” of springy sausage and sodium bicarbonate) for just £2.

Or you could try crazy strong palinca (fruit brandy) at Hanu Lui Manuc for £2, before you munch ribs and G&Ts at Energiea bar/restaurant. It’s £13 for both, which is hefty for Bucharest, but so are the portions.

Finish at Control Club, where music jumps from heavy techno to MGMT - don’t ask questions, just dance. Entry from free to £7.

Sum Up :

Bucharest is so cheap, you could get by on a fiver - for £20 you can live like Count Dracula. Spend your extra Lei on a decent dinner and a club night.

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