6 Eco Travel Resolutions for 2020


Listen, we get it.

You’re tired of the New Year’s resolution posts 🙄

And now a travel company wants to give you shit about not being eco enough? POT. KETTLE. BLACK. GLASS. HOUSES. STONES.

But guess what? Mad-high carbon emissions, plastic pollution, and exploited animals and children don’t have time for your post-Christmas/NYE sulk 🛩

Tourism is responsible for all of the above (apart from your festive hangover), but it can also:

💰 Bring money to communities that need it
👷 Create employment opportunities
🐳 Fund conservation
🌳 Preserve natural habitats
🌏 Bring cultures together

Here’s LuckyTrip’s 6 Eco Travel Resolutions for the New Year. To help us all be better global citizens…

1. Get on the road less travelled

Let’s take Venice as an example. Venice is sinking faster because of global warming 🌞 Venice is also crowded. Venice could really use a break from all the tourists.

Overtourism plays havoc with local housing markets, damages cultural sights (they get trampled to shit), and destroys quality of life for locals 👎

The solution is stop being so predictable 🐑 Yeah, you. Shaun the sheep.

Somewhere in Addis Ababa there’s ethio-jazz playing 🎺, in Austria there’s magical alien spas to dip in 👽, and in Latvia the Baltic Riviera is calling your name 📣 Choose a unique destination and spread that love around. The Eiffel Tower will not miss you 👋

2. Make the journey count

“Ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other siiiideeee…. It’s the climb.”

Old-school Miley knew what was up 🙌

This year you need to fly less 🛫 Don’t even think about saying you planted a tree in an offset scheme in Zambia and now you can fly as much as you want...

Environmentalist, George Monbiot said it best, “Buying and selling carbon offsets is like pushing the food around on your plate to create the impression that you have eaten it 🍽”

Ditch gas-guzzling flights and make your journey part of the holiday. Epic electric car road trips, scenic rail routes, or even a hiking trail on an ancient pilgrim path. There are many ways to skin the travel cat 🙀

Flying less? Do more. Squeeze every last adventure pip out of your travel lemon. Sure, you could laze around the pool drinking second-rate Piña colada's with Sandra and Martin... or you could go find the goats that chill in trees in Morocco.

3. Embrace Eco-friendly Animal Activities

Put. The. Adorable. Doped-up. Lion. Cub. DOWN 🦁 Oh, and get off that elephants back while you're at it. He’s not appreciating your extra mince pie weight…

Anything that involves touching, feeding, or interrupting wildlife is a no-go ⛔

Make a pact with mother nature to get involved in eco-friendly activities on your next trip 🍃 Look out for small tours with an ecological focus and expert guide. Tours which use the admission money to further conservation efforts is a win.

Silent-engine whale watching is the way to go 🐋 Chained up tigers and tortured elephants? Not the one.

4. Go Native

Dave stayed at a Premier Inn and ate at Frankie and Benny’s every night. Each morning Dave had a Starbucks coffee and shopped at the Carrefour… Dave was in Bali 🙃

The local community did not benefit from Dave’s visit, he took a lot but gave nothing back. Don’t be a Dave.

Eat at a locally-run restaurant, take a tour with people who grew up in the area, stay in a family-run B&B 🍜 Respect the local culture and spend your money with them - you’ll get a more authentic and enriching experience 🎎

5. Leave No Trace

That twig you snapped? It was part of a birds nest 🐦…

This year we should all try and understand our impact 🔍

If you’re going swimming check your sunscreen - most contain harmful chemicals which can bleach coral (oxybenzone and octinoxate are the ones to look out for) 🐠 If you’re going camping take all your waste with you and dispose of it correctly 🗑

In general it should look like you were never there. Think, nature Houdini.

Do Low Carbon Leisure Activities

Low carbon living, reducing your carbon footprint, call it what you want - basically, don’t take a greenhouse gas dump on Mother Earth 💩

Next time you look into a holiday activity, do it under your own steam 🚲 We’re talking pedal power, rowing, and sailing your way around sights 🚣

Even better, do an activity that isn’t just carbon-neutral, it gives back too. Plastic-collecting canal cruise in Amsterdam, anyone? The boats are made from recycled materials ♻