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🌍 Our Top 5 Travel Tips for December 🌍

The best travel promotions, new openings, special events and weird shiz every month…

1. Sherpr

Door-to-door delivery 📦

Luggage is stressful. There are little tags to deal with, weights, numbers, and the ol’ switcheroo “you took my case” faff. Sherpr picks up your luggage and couriers it to your destination for you - think bikes, luggage, even golf clubs. You can track your precious cargo every step of the way.

Chill, they get that your clubs are like your children.

2. Eco Arctic Resort

Kontiolahti, Finland

Saving the planet doesn’t have to be spenny 💸

The Arctic Blue Resort is a thrifty eco warrior wet dream. Sure, there's ice swimming and berry picking, but you also get the price of your stay slashed if you go green. Choosing eco activities, sustainable food, and less energy are all ways to save. Check the website for updates on the opening.

3. Wonderfruit Festival

Pattaya, Thailand

Bumbags, glitter, and err... Mongolian throat-singers? ♻

An eco-friendly festival where the stages are made of parcels of rice and recycled water bottles are used as decoration. Come for the sustainable seafood and German marching bands, stay for TED-style environmental talks. It's on from12th-16th December.

4. Festival of Lights

Lyon, France

Let there be light 💡

Illuminated figures hold up bridges and fairytale creatures dance across buildings - Lyon isn’t your average Christmas light show. Over four nights the squares, parks, and streets are lit up with over 40 installations.

Saint-Jean Cathedral and Saint-Paul Station are particularly magical, but don’t miss the 20,000 illuminated boats sailing down the river. See Lyon lit up 5th-8th December.

5. A Decade of Shady Business

London, United Kingdom

Biro art - better than it sounds 🖊

James Mylne has been creating super realistic portraits using ballpoint pens for 10 years. To celebrate he’s having a solo exhibition with some of his original work but also some new pieces - like the Boris Johnson Joker. Catch it 12th-21st December.