Europe's Random ObjectsEurope's Random Objects


Post-apocalyptic spiders, giant forks, and clothes pegs big enough for the mother of all loads…

Europe, you so crazy 😮

Here’s where to see the continent’s most random objects up close and personal…


Bilbao, Spain

“My best friend was my mother and she was deliberate, clever, patient, soothing, dainty…”

Beautiful stuff. Very touching 💕

Why’d you make her a massive fuck-off spider with legs like swords then, Louise??!! WHY?! 🕷

Louise Bourgeois has a lot to answer for. Her sculpture, Maman, is a homage to her mum. It lives outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and carries a little sac of white and grey marble eggs underneath it… 🕸

If you didn’t know it was a sculpture you’d 100% think these were the endtimes 👋

Giant Clothespin

Liege, Belgium

Big enough for all your hang-ups? Probs not 🙅

Turkish artist and professor, Mehmet Ali Uysal, made this giant clothespin sculpture for the Festival of the Five Seasons 👖He specialises in mental shiz that creates optical illusions.

It lives in Chaudfontaine Park on the outskirts of Liege in Belgium and looks like it’s pinching the grass together 👌

Fork of Vevey

Vevey, Switzerland

“Fork me that’s a big piece of cutlery you’ve got, Vevey…”


This beast of a fork - 26 feet tall and 4 foot wide - is sunk on the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. It was first made by Jean-Pierre Zaugg as part of an exhibition for the food-themed museum, Alimentarium, on their 10th anniversary 🎈

When the exhibition was over the fork was removed… and the people lost their tiny minds 😤 A full on revolt happened (kinda, it was a petition 📜 ), and the fork was brought back.

It wasss the Guinness World Record holder for world’s tallest fork 🏆 Then some bitter bitch in Springfield, Missouri went and erected a 35-footer. Just remember, Vevey will always be the OG.

Bendy Boat

Antwerp, Belgium

Middelheim Museum in Antwerp is like stumbling into Wonderland after toking on Absolem’s hookah pipe… 🌬

It’s one of the world’s largest outdoor sculpture collections. A place where apples are boulder size, teardrops are red, and the boats are bendy ⛵

There are over 250 artworks but Erwin Wurm’s is right at the entrance. You can’t miss his melty blue boat sagging into the water. The piece is classic Wurm - he loves taking a familiar thing and warping it into something else 🍭