How To... Stay Happy in January


January. It’s a shitter. The booze and mince pie fuelled madness of December has gone. You regret everything that happened at New Years. And it’ll be another 4 months until the sun even thinks about shining.

But LuckyTrip’s got your back. Here’s 5 ways to stay happy in January...

Heal Yourself

Las Palmas, Spain

If January is making your tummy wibble, you’re going to need a gentle approach.

Crawl into the ‘womb room’ in Gran Canaria’s Lopesan Resort. Warm, wet and red (just like a real womb), you can float in healing waters as relaxing music flows through the walls. Even betterer, the weather in The Canaries sticks around 20°C in January

Help an Animal

Bucharest, Romania

If the self-pity party gets too much in Jan, drag yourself out with some Attenborough-worthy conservation.

Sadly, lots of ‘eco-tourism’ is bad for the animals involved - as a rule, if you’re allowed to touch them it’s probably not a goer. Check the World Animal Protection guidelines for more info.

Responsible Tourism have a 6 day conservation trip to Romania, tracking wolves in the wild AND hanging out at Dracula’s Castle. It’s a goth’s wet dream.

Help a Human

Athens, Greece

The refugee crisis can seem overwhelmingly… shite. But there are ways to help.

The Flying Seagull Project helps refugee children feel like kids again. Support Refugees has a full list of ways you can help around Europe.

More Beer

Prague, Czech Republic

If healing yourself and making a positive impact on the world aren't going to cut it, just drink until you feel better about things. Keep your January WET, with the cheapest beers in Europe. In Prague, there’s an average of 79p for a pint(ish) of the foamy stuff, and it’s some of the best in the world. Ask for a Velkopopovický Kozel or a Svijanský Rytíř (hehe).

Head to the Grand Bohemian Beer Tasting for Prague’s finest brews served with cheese and salami. “There is simply no other place in the world where you can find such a large variety of quality beers.” Believe.