24 hours in... Berlin


Berlin, Deutschland

You arrive bleary-eyed and furry-mouthed in Berlin.

Passport and toothbrush in hand, you have 24 hours to do as much Berlin as you can physically handle. You’ll never get around EVERYTHING (without a suitcase full of ritalin), but here’s our guide for how to do 24 hours in Berlin…


11 am First stop - Café Fleuryfor a cheap and tasty brunch. That 6am Pret feels like a million years ago and you've got a BIG day ahead. Right by Rosenthaler Platz, get that good german bread with french meats and cheeses, vegetarian spreads or even smoked salmon.

Or if rocket fuel coffee is more your bag, sit in Father Carpenter's cutesy courtyard.

12 am Wander down to Volksbühne one of Berlin’s oldest and most iconic theatres.

You could do a whole day of history, music or art here - you name it Berlin’s got it. But the real living, breathing Berlin of today lies in its subcultures, so an Alternative Street Art tour is the way to go.

1pm Meet under the TV tower at Alexanderplatz - it looks like something used for communicating with outer space 👽

Your guide will take you through artist squats, multi-cultural neighbourhoods, round bombed out train depots and cultural icons - sometimes even to day raves.

They show you how to spot different kinds of street art, and how the styles came about.

(One style involves the artist being hung from the top of a multi-story building, while their mate holds their ankles #goals).

It’s about the best way to explore North - East Berlin and they usually drop you off at the East Side Gallery (where street art covers the remnants of the Berlin wall) between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

Plus it’s FREE! (Though you’ll definitely want to tip your guide, for being such a legend)

4pm Sit by the river Spree with a drink and cheers yourself for getting to know the ‘real’ Berlin (and being such a legend).

YAAM (Young African Art Market) is your one for listening to reggae, drinking tinnies and hanging out. It's a dangerously good place to get stuck.

6pm - For one last intense hit of culture, detour to the Jewish Memorial. Candid and gut-wrenching, it’s one of the most important memorials of its kind. It’s a 10-12 minute taxi from Friedrichshain/ Kreuzberg in the north of Kreuzberg.


8pm Dinner is a halloumi, falafel and kofte feast. East Berlin is a mecca for kebab style cuisine. Sahara Imbiss (Sudanese restaurant) gets a shiny gold star (there’s one in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukolin).

Special shout-outs to Adana Grillhaus, Gel Gör Köfteci and the notorious Mustafa's Kebabs. You can eat like a Sheik for €3 - €6.

9pm Have a beer at a Späti (late shop) in Friedrichshain/ Kreuzberg. They’re basically legit street drinking (which is legit here anyway). 'Drink Drunk' is especially good - it plays music and has chairs outside (winner).

Spätis sum up why Berlin has such a 10/10 attitude to nightlife.


11 pm (ish) When you’re ready to segway from ‘just drinking’ to ‘drinking ‘n’ dancing’ head for Club der Visionäre (back on the river). It’s half inside half outside with twinkly disco balls and techno.

Or to Minimal bar in Friedrichshain - a labyrinth of rooms and a local hang out with a slice of table tennis with your techno.


5am It's morning alright, but your night is far from over. For Berliners anything before dawn is pretty much pre-drinks. Time to try your luck at Berlin heavyweight Berghain. Sunday morning is your most statistically likely time to get past Sven the bouncer.

You’ve got about an hour or so in the queue to shove on something black and make sure your eyes aren’t blinking independently. If you’re weighing up whether its worth it, picture yourself sipping cold prosecco cocktails (for €3) in the most hedonistic place you've ever been in your life.

Buuuut if you don’t fancy queuing for one hour out of your 24, head for Wilden Renate. It's is the kinda place you enter not knowing a soul and leave having seen half the club’s genitals.

Or Chalet - It’s all chesterfield sofas and chintzy lamps, like a giant, Georgian house party only smokier, and mit funky haus n techno.

Airport Dash

11am Set several reminders on your phone and get someone who looks sober(ish) to force you to leave at 11.

It's time to say auf wiedersehen to this wonderful city, neck a bottle of water or 10 and promptly pass out as soon as you're installed on the plane.