The Oscars IRL


Pour yourself a fishbowl of wine and prepare to channel Joan Rivers 🍷 It’s time for the 92nd Academy Awards (The Oscars, dahhling)...

Remember when La La Land thought they’d won but actually Moonlight had? Or when Leo finally won? Or when Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her way to the stage?


Prepare for a buttock-tensing marathon. This is the Oscars IRL...

Jojo Rabbit

Zatec, Czech Republic

A funny WWII film where a 10-year old boy has an imaginary friend… Hitler 🤔

Only Taika Waititi. The director has made an alt-war film where a young Nazi in training (and his badass resistance mum) hide a Jew in their home.

“Germany in the 1930’s was this vibrant country, and society was at its artistic zenith.” Filming took place in colourful baroque villages in the Czech Republic 🏠 Head to Zatec town square - this is where Rosie takes her son. You can still see WWII memorabilia on the walls.

“These towns had their own experience with Nazi occupation, so the research came to us.”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Los Angeles, United States

Quentin Tarantino’s love affair with LA continues. And we’re here for it… 💛

The Pulp Fiction director was not interested in CGI mindgames. Which means there’s loadsa places from the film you can visit.

Two of the best are The Fox Village Theatre (now Regency Village) and Regency Bruin. These are the cinemas where Sharon Tate goes to watch her own film 🎬 Head to Broxton Avenue to find them.

For the film Tarantino’s team brought back the surrounding shops like Hamburger Hamlet (RIP, now Taco Bell) and Stan’s Donuts 🍩

The Irishman

New York, United States

Martin Scorsese gave the people what they want - which is a Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, Al Pacino love-in… With a side helping of Everybody Loves Raymond's’, Ray Romano 👏

In one iconic scene Frank Sheeran carries out a hit on Crazy Joe Gallo in Umberto’s Clam House (on his bday, yep gangster have no chill)... 🎂

This 70’s seafood hangout is still in Little Venice but has moved - so Scorsese (ever the perfectionist) rebuilt it - in a grittier-looking spot. Head to the corner of Orchard and Broome Street to see where this place stood. The crew were back in Manhattan for Hoffa’s trial at the County Courthouse.


New York, United States

A film locations post that doesn’t mention the steps in Joker? Amateur moves… 🃏

Head to 1170 Shakespeare Avenue, Bronx for the concrete stairs that have become iconic. This is where Joaquin Phoenix dances in his red-suit in Todd Phillips’ Joker.

Warning - you will have to fight the Insta crowd for a snap here 📸