£20 in... Lisbon £20 in... Lisbon

£20 IN... LISBON

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s like that friend who’s good at everything, but never bigs themself up…

Beaches, alternative culture, cheap tasty grub... It’s like a more manageable Barcelona. With custard tarts.

And the cherry on that tart? It’s weirdly affordable. Guaranteed sun means walking everywhere and eating on the hoof.

This is £20 in Lisbon...

Free Shiz

The best thing to do in Lisbon also happens to be 100% free. YAAAS.

The city is built on 7 hills, each one with its own eye-watering view across rainbow-roofs, sparkling sea and leafy parkland. Spend a day shaping your calves and tick off all 7 ‘miradouro’ (viewpoints).

The street art is where it's at. Some of the best in the world, you’ll spot murals by blu and Mr. Chat in the underground passages and around Bairro Alto (don’t miss the ‘pink street’ Rua Nova do Carvalho). This handy guide will help you 👌

Sick of walking? Stop by the LX Factory for flea markets, bars, boutiques, pop-ups and start-ups. This place used to be a complex of abandoned factories, now it’s a hub of creative riverside culture. Check the website for events - lots are free.

Under a Fiver

If the ‘pastels de nata’ were the sole reason you came to Lisbon, no one could blame you.

Wish Slow Coffee will do you one with the best cup of coffee you’ve ever slurped (the craft coffee in Berlin and London doesn’t compare). Or try Pastéis de Belém for the traditional flaky recipe.

Under a Tenner

You’ll pay a fiver or less for a drink almost anywhere, and hardly any clubs have cover charges. Even your stingiest mate will buy a round here 🍻

The Village Underground (v close to LX Factory) is a graffitted network of old shipping containers converted into co-office spaces. Grab a drink in the double decker bus perched on top of the complex.

The hidden rooftop bar at PARK is another top drinking spot. They do frozen Caipirinhas and sweeping views over Santa Catarina Cathedral.

Any bar at Bairro Alto is a good bet, and things really get going at Cais do Sodre by the docks.

Splashing Out

It’s easy to eat on the cheap here, there’s food markets, casual restaurants and plenty of picnic spots but hey you’re on your holidays - have a treat night.

Leopold serves a six course tasting menu (€35) of contemporary Portuguese cuisine created by chef Tiago Feio. They pair each course with fine wine and change the menu daily.

Burn through all that food and wine with a surf day. The famous Carcavelos Surf Beach is just 10 mins from the center - rent a board for between €20-€40 a day.