£20 in... Dubrovnik£20 in... Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia used to be the unsung hero of the Med. Smurfy-turquoise waters, fresh seafood and UNESCO approved buildings, all for a fraction of the cost of your Italys and your Ibizas.

But people have started to catch on (thanks, Game of Thrones) and Dubrovnik - its most 'grammable city - has started to get more and more spenny. So just how far will £20 get you in Dubrovnik?

Free stuff

Slackers will tell you to get the cable car up to the top of Mount Srd, but you can only get that smug glow of pride by hiking up there yourself. It’s a 90 minute walk and there isn’t much shade, so take plenty of H20 and lots of rest breaks to soak up those sweet, sweet views.

Most visitors to Dubrovnik head straight to Banje beach, but local fave Sveti Jakov is quieter and with less chance of bumping into bellends from your hometown. Get there early to score a sweet spot in the sun.

Back in the day Revelin Fortress protected the city from pesky invaders. These days it’s a mega-club with life-changing acoustics. The best bit? Club Revelin has free entry till 12.30am.

Under a fiver

Dubrovnik’s Old Town is freeeee to explore, but the hard truth is you’re going to have to buy an ice cream while you’re doing it. In a town of amazing ice cream, Dolce Vita is number 1 - get the very dark chocolate for X-rated levels of pleasure. Just over £1 for a small cup.

Eating out can get pricey in Dubrovnik, but for a quick lunch on the go the pekaras (bakeries) have plenty of filling treats. Börek (pastries filled with meat or cheese) are a traditional delicacy and will only set you back about £1.50.

Bar Buza I and Buza II are Dubrovnik’s sneakiest drinking spots (not even a website...) Find the ‘cold drinks’ sign on the south wall and wriggle through the crack to get to these hole-in-the-wall bars. An Ozujusko beer will set you back about £4.

Under a tenner

Croatia’s turbulent history is documented in the excellent (but harrowing, obvs) War Photo Museum. There’s a permanent exhibition about the Croatian War of the nineties, as well as temporary exhibitions from international photographers. Entry is just under £6.

Octopus burger. It doesn’t sound nice. But it is. Brave the tentacles at Barba, a popular little place decked out like a ship’s hold. Octopus burgers are £6.50, fresh oysters are a steal at £1.50 each.

A trip to a private island might seem out of budget, but uninhabited little Lokrum is accessible by public boat for just over a fiver. Frolic through the olive trees, swim in the nud in the salty lakes, explore ancient monasteries and make friends with local peacocks. Yep, sold.

Under twenty quid

A fact of Dubrovnik is you’re going to have to fork out to walk the city walls. Like going to Paris and not bothering to look at the Eiffel Tower or visiting Egypt and sacking off the pyramids, you’d look a right twat. Pay your £18 to walk along these ancient beauties - it also gets you entrance to Game of Thrones fave Fort Lovrijenac.

See above: eating out’s spenny in Dubrovnik. But be smahhht and head to waterside fish restaurant Orsan for a set menu (including a glass of beer or prosecco ) for just over £15. Score.

If just the thought of the 90 min hike up Mount Srd made you sweat, you can cheat by taking the cable car for £16 (round trip).

Splash out

If you laugh in the face of a twenty quid spending budget, you can hop on a private boat to the peng Elaphiti Islands. Once there, grab a private table-cum-all-day-beach-hang-spot at BOWA restaurant on Sipan island and immediately order a cocktail. You’re so Rihanna right now.

Sum Up:

Dubrovnik’s the more expensive side of Croatia but with beaches, street food and old shit to look at, there’s plenty to do for not much kuna.