5 Vegan Restaurants in Berlin5 Vegan Restaurants in Berlin


Berlin, Germany

No animals were harmed in the making of this bratwurst…🍗🚫

Berlin’s a sauerkraut tumble of vibey nightlife and historic sights - but it’s also one of the best places to be vegan 🐷

Here’s the 5 best places to ditch the meat in the German capital…


Tiny bowls of delicious things? We’ll take 10, Dankeschön 🙏

1990 serves up Vietnamese crowd-pleasers like spring rolls, spiced tempeh bites and perfectly steamed dumplings.

Chopstick your way through all that vegan goodness.


“I’m not eating rabbit food”

Yep, even your caveman mate will be satisfied with this vegan fast food stop.

Vöner does end-of-night-worthy vegan kebabs made from a blend of wheat protein, veggies and herbs. Get the organic spiced fries to go with your doner and some seitan nuggets 🍟

Cover everything in vegan garlic sauce. Better than soggy meat strips.


Shards of cracker, green emulsion, and beetroot smears - these guys know how to sex up their veggies.

Locally and sustainably sourced ingredients are baked and blanched to perfection then artfully tumbled onto plates.

KOPPS makes your lunchtime wiener schnitzel look offensive.


Senegalese X Sardinian - the collab you never knew you needed.

AtayaCaffe does plates piled high with colourful grilled veggies, Sengalese Mafè, Sardinian pasta and carasau bread.

It’s zero waste, plastic-free policy is popular with the locals - get here early to nab a table.

Alaska Bar

I was expecting a lot more igloos and Eskimos...

If adorable bitesize things are your jam, try Alaska Bar. It’s a vibey tapas joint with croquettes, tortillas, and churros - plus all the cocktails you can stomach 🍹

This post is sponsored by a german cow called Günter and a pig called Lena...