Beach... in a meadow??Beach... in a meadow??


Asturias, Spain

But where does the water come from? How did the sand get here? What the hell is going on??

Playa de Gulpiyuri is the only beach in the world that’s plonked in the middle of a meadow…

100 metres away from the shoreline, seawater flows through an underground tunnel network which washes up in waves.

Yep it’s actually tidal, so you’ve gotta wait for high tide to swim.

Drive to the village of Naves (a.k.a arse end of nowhere), then walk 1km to the beach. Or kayak through a little cave from the sea, to pop up on the beach like a scene-stealing wizard.

There are loads of other (less hidden) beaches nearby, so keep your goggles at the ready.

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