Frida Kahlo's MexicoFrida Kahlo's Mexico


Mexico City, Mexico

“One of the most significant artists of the twentieth century”

The Tate Modern (and the whole world) fangirls hard for Frida Kahlo 🙌

Painter, political activist, scorned wife, gender-bending feminist, also - unibrow wearer and floral headband obsessive 🌺

Frida was a busy gal.

And she did it all while in agonising pain thanks to childhood polio and a traffic accident 💪 It was while recovering that she really got into portraiture 🎨 Her autobiographical works dealt with questions of identity, race, gender, and Mexican society

It’s time to explore Frida Kahlo’s Mexico...


The smell of buttery corn wafts down narrow walkways leading to grand colonial buildings where children play on tree-lined streets - Coyoacán is a boho wet dream 💦

Frida was born and died in this laidback leafy little corner of Mexico 🍃

It was (and still is) where cultured types and intellectuals came 👓Think artisan markets, indie galleries, and ice-cream parlours 🍦

Head to The Frida Kahlo Museum - AKA the Blue House - to see her home exactly as it was when she died. We’re talking neat paintpots and easels, wheelchair, and death mask 😲

You’ll need to smash a few tequilas after. Do like Frida and her hubs, Diego, and make for Cantina La Guadalupana. You’d think it’d be a tourist trap but the guys who run it keep it stubbornly tradish 👏 And they give free snacks with drinks, the legends.

Coyoacan’s market is a rainbow wash of fresh fruits and veggies 🍊 Go to Calle Malintzin to find it. The structure has been rebuilt since Frida’s death but they still sell the same mole (traditional Mexican sauce), flowers, and crispy tacos.

Floating Gardens Xochimilco

Zen snaps of Frida dipping her hand into the water at the Floating Gardens Xochimilco will make you grow that unibrow and start plaiting your hair 😍

Wafting along on a rainbow boat is a Sunday tradition for locals 🛥 Listen to the mariachi bands while sinking tequila shots and smashing tortillas 🌯


Kahlo and Rivera went and stayed at the US ambassador’s gaff in Cuernavaca when Rivera was here for work.

He was painting murals in town at the Palacio de Cortés - he was highlighting the atrocities indigenous people suffered 🖼 Check out the Robert Brady Museum which has works from both of the couple.