Hubba Bubba Beach CrawlHubba Bubba Beach Crawl


Crete, Greece

There are only a handful of pink beaches in the world (pink cos of crushed up red oyster shells - and magic, obvs).

Luckily, two of these blushing beaches are in Greece and they're close enough that you can get to both in a day.

It’s time to live your Hubba Bubba dreams.

Elafonisi’s bubblegum bay is mouthwateringly beautiful.

It’s got tantalisingly shallow waters - locals named it after their word for deer “Elafi”, cos they realised that even Bambi could reach the island on foot…

Sprawl out on coral-tinted sands and paddle with mermaids in the shallows.

Once you’re done, hop in a car for an hour and a half to Balos Lagoon (warning, the last 20 mins are bone-shakingly bumpy).

Hail a donkey taxi (yep) for €9 and you’ll eventually get to the lagoon - don’t worry it’s worth the trek.

Crystally clear waters slurp onto the pink sand of the bay. You kind of expect a My Little Pony to trot over and beg for a bite of your candyfloss.

When you get back to your car, there’s a good chance a goat will be sat on it. What a happy ending.

There's a two hour bus from Chania to Elafonisi, that leaves at 9am every day (return at 4pm). Pretty decent for a trip to candyland…