Navagio White Beach Navagio White Beach

Navagio White Beach

A Caribbean beach… in Greece.

Navagio is so perfect it’ll make your eyes water. Powder white sand, the bluest sea and cliffs that wrap around the beach like a hug.

Also known as ‘Shipwreck Cove’ (probably cos of the massive rusting shipwreck) the story goes that the ship hit rocks after being chased by the Greek Navy.

They suspected it was carrying illegal shiz - fags, booze, women - the usual. And they were right.

Now it’s a famous spot for BASE jumping. Yep, Jackass wannabes leap from the top of the highest cliffs. In fairness if you’re gonna die, this is the best last view.

Most people visit in the daytime so if you want the beach to yourself go after dark #dategoals.

You can only get there by boat, so hop on a day trip (sold everywhere in Zante) or charter your own from the harbour.