Our Fave LGBTQ+ Friendly Destinations Around the WorldOur Fave LGBTQ+ Friendly Destinations Around the World


To celebrate Pride in London this weekend, we’re bringing you a few of our favourite LGBTQ+ friendly destinations around the world.

We’ve got classic destinations (these are the big sparkly scene-stealers, you know and love ‘em) 💖 then we’ve got the activists (these are the ones banging the drum for gay rights) ✊ annnddd we’ve got the curveballs (SURPRISE… they’re gay) 🥳

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The Classics

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the salt and vinegar crisp of the gay nightlife world- an absolute classic, but she’s spicy.

Head to the oldest queer club in Berlin. SchuwZ has been doing the lord’s work since 1977. And by lord’s work we mean hero-worshipping Madonna… Why? What did you mean?

Mykonos, Greece

The Big 4… and we’re not talking about lions and tigers.

Mykonos is where ancient Greek ruins dance in mankinis. It’s up there with the other failsafe gay summer resorts - Ibiza, Gran Canaria and Sitges. Dance in your tightest swimwear on the sand to Euro House before hitting a pool party.

Brighton, United Kingdom

The gay capital of the UK and one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly cities in the world, take a bow Brighton. The city has the highest proportion of LGBTQ+ households in the UK and St James’s Street is the beating heart of the gay scene.

Tick off Bulldog and The Queen’s Arms then head to the Nudey Beach, it’s got its own dedicated gay section.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dam is a hazy city of love. We like Prik for cocktails on the terrace, Eagle for 3 levels of club fun, and chUrch for steamy themed nights like ‘meat market’. Gulp.

The Activists

San Francisco, United States

"What set Harvey apart from you or me was that he was a visionary. He imagined a righteous world inside his head and then he set about to create it for real, for all of us."

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected official in the history of California. He lived and worked in the now-iconic Castro neighbourhood before he was assassinated. His legacy is kept alive in San Francisco’s thriving gay communities.

Oslo, Norway

Norway was one of the first countries to bring in anti-discrimination laws, it also gives same-sex couples the right to get married in a church, adopt, and have assisted pregnancies.

Fairly basic you’d think. Eye roll. But turns out a lot of countries still don’t extend those rights to everyone.

Madrid, Spain

The rights of same-sex mothers are respected in Spain. If a baby is conceived via IVF both the birth mother and her same-sex partner can be named on the birth certificate. Madrid is at the forefront of Spain’s activism.

New York, United States

The birthplace of Pride and the home of the Stonewall Inn - NYC is a city that has plenty of gay history. Activists have fought from here and orchestrated LGBTQ+ movements.

These days there are drag shows turned up to 11 and more gay bars than you can shake your tush at.

The Curveballs

Dublin, Ireland

Errr…. Ireland? St Patrick and the snakes, Ireland? Like suuuuuuper Catholic, Ireland… Ya sure?

Ireland has undergone a big shift in its attitudes in recent years. In 2015 it became the first country IN THE WORLD to vote in a referendum for same sex marriage. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour. Fist punches the air. Dublin is the poster child for gay-friendly Ireland, especially the Temple Bar area.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Also largely Catholic and with more (ahem) conservative views, South American countries aren’t known for their forward-thinking approach to gay rights.

Buenos Aires is breaking the mould. It introduced gay marriage and progressive laws to protect the transgender community. The legends.

Toronto, Canada

Poutine (chips with cheese curds and gravy) and Pride… it just makes sense.

Canada sometimes flies under the radar during Pride month as the world looks to America and the UK, but it freakin LIVES for Pride. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, became the country’s first head of government to take part in the parade, literally waving a flag for his gay citizens. Toronto had it’s own Gay Village too.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Unusually for a region in the Middle East, Tel Aviv is incredibly gay-friendly. Gay rights have rapidly progressed here.

Linguistically the word ‘gay’ is similar to the word ‘ge’ - meaning pride in Hebrew. Cry. And that’s an attitiude that’s reflected in Tel Aviv.