Terraforma FestivalTerraforma Festival

Terraforma Festival

Milan, Italy

Terraforma is not a festival. It’s a way of life.

Or specifically, it’s "the process in which life on a planet becomes possible through the creation of an atmosphere...”

Which means...

They 'create an atmosphere' by bringing together artists, installations and seriously environmentally friendly ideas, add some of the top names in techno aaand throw the whole lot into a rural palace in Italy.

Festival science… good.

Installations help set the tone of the music, which is all flavours of electronic.

They want you to ‘think about the present and the future in a new way’ by stimulating the hell out of you with talks, workshops and meditations.

On the ‘experimental’ scale, it makes Secret Garden Party look like Cineworld Milton Keynes.

Sustainability is top of the bill. All the structures are made from wood, and designed by local architects.

They recycle 50% of the festivals waste, so they're saving the planet one messed-up rave at a time.

Plus it's in the grounds of an 18th Century palace, complete with a labyrinth they’ve spent three years restoring.

And it’s just a 30 minute train from Milan.

Tickets are €40 for a day or €140 for three with camping.