World's Largest Wine Cellars World's Largest Wine Cellars


In the world’s largest wine cellars there’s vino as far as the eye can see, and some bottles cost more than a house… Yep, this underground swag is way better than old coins and crowns 👑

Dust off the bottles and get your wine lips on. Here’s where you can find the world’s biggest shrines to the vine...

Graycliff Hotel, Bahamas

Bottle count: 250,000

This wine cellar is in the Bahamas and it’s named after an actual pirate… You win, Graycliff Hotel 👏

Captain Howard Graysmith would probably loot his own namesake… This hotel has a huge cellar with a quarter of a million bottles. There’s over 400 vintners (wine merchants or growers) from more than 15 countries.

This cellar used to be a jail during the American Civil War - and the prison bars are still in place. Except now people are begging for a lock-in.

Their prize bottle is a 1727 Rudesheimer Apostelwein. ‘This can justifiably claim to be the oldest drinkable wine in the world,’ Wine expert, Michael Broadbent MW can only dream of popping this cork 🍾

Bern's Steakhouse, Florida

Bottle count: 500,000

This steakhouse is on the sauce… 🍷

Bern's is the world’s third-biggest wine stash with half a million bottles. The Florida restaurant does steak and 6,500 table wines - 200 are available by the glass. This wine list is a full-on book.

Their best bottle is a rare 1947 Chateau Latour. It’s worth 30,000 dollars.

Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo

Bottle count: 600,000

Trust Monte-Carlo to have a big ass wine cellar hollowed out of a rock…

Hotel de Paris’ wine cellar began as one guy's dream. François Blanc began constructing it in 1864 but his wife Marie stepped in after his death and unveiled it in 1874. Relationship goals 💓

Years later, during WWII, some employees sealed off the cellar to protect the 20,000 bottles from occupying forces. They deserve a pay rise - cos it worked. After the war Winston Churchill even came to celebrate the grand re-opening.

Moldova Underground Wine City

Bottle count: 1.5 million

Hills basking in sunshine and lush flowing rivers… Moldova’s grapes are completely spoilt. Which is why they get so fat and juicy 🍇

Used to be that every second bottle of wine drunk in the USSR was made in Moldova. So, makes perfect sense that they have a massive underground wine city - no, really.

There are literally miles of tunnels stuffed full of vino. These ‘streets’ even have wine names like Pinot and Cab Sav. If you want the one hour tour you’ll have to have your own wheels. There are 34 miles of galleries to explore and 1.5 million bottles. The first one stored there was in 1968.